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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Path of the Healer

I would like to address the path of the healer. Yes, one can learn and practice the system I teach and utilize it for self. It is not just meant for healers, but for practical raising of the energy body vibration.

But the path of the healer is different. It requires quite a bit of sacrifice, in terms of time & effort, and in terms of experiencing and enjoying other aspects of life. And, I have never said that the path of the healer optimizes ones longevity. Quite possibly, the longevity aspect will be as much determined by genetics as anything else. Due to the intense demand on the body and energetics, as a healer one must constantly be aware of enhancing one's own health. So more time & effort. Sometimes when we would rather be fishing, gardening, talking with friends, or any other number of enjoyable activities, we can't. Because we will be called upon to help others. So the healer must have or develop an intense compassion for helping others. This compassion overrides practical every day activities.

The NEED for Balance

Ah, here we get into the tricky part. We must also strive to have balance, as much as possible. So, even though there are times we need to do healing when we may rather be doing something else, we must manifest the time to do something for that balance. It needs to be something that we enjoy. For me, I attempt to achieve that balance through farming, and through playing high energy rock n roll.

So whatever it is that one enjoys, he/she must make the time to do that or suffer the consequences of life imbalance. Although I must admit, that, for me, I have developed the qigong aspect of maintaining a 24/7 awareness of qigong-state, so I am doing qigong rock n rolling and horse qigong in the pictures.

So, in the end, I do not recommend the path of the Healer to anyone unless they KNOW, in the true-heart, that they are supposed to be doing Healing. Certainly any other reason, such as desires to make money, are not reasons which support the sacrifice required to be a healer. Must easier to do something else in life. But, if one does feel this heart connection, there is almost nothing that gives true joy as much as seeing someone's face light up when their pain instantly disappears.

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