Qi Projection Live in a 2012 Neigong Workshop

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why don't "they" SEE?

Have you ever watched TV news or listened to someone speak and asked yourself "Why can't they see the fallacy of their reasoning?" or "Why can't they see the wrongness of this?". The thing is "THEY" really can't see! The ability to discern through all the filters that we have imposed on us from our birth to where we are now is directly proportional to our energy body vibration rate. Without raising the energy body vibration rate we can't burn through those filters and see the true reality. The practice of High Level Qigong WILL help burn through those filters.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Success at Brazil, Indiana Workshop!

The extended weekend in Brazil, Indiana proved to be an extremely interesting and successful workshop. I arrived on Thursday and saw clients on Friday. My senior student Chris Leininger of Three Treasures Wellness Center (who is already certified as a Clinical Qigong Therapist through the NQA) and I worked from 8 Am until after 7 PM without a break. Talk about Qi being bounced from the walls. All of the clients had wonderful experiences.

We then has the qigong workshop Saturday and Sunday. One student had such an amazing experience during one of the Stillness-Movement sessions that she said "Wow! This experience alone was well worth the price of the workshop."

Another intermediate-advanced student started manifesting their talent of shifting to see future events. This talent is much needed in our changing times.

An intermediate-senior student, who has already in previous workshops started manifesting the talent of seeing, delved much deeper in their seeing abilities and was able to see the High Level Beings of Light that always are there when I do my workshops. This particular talent requires burning through filter layers before the seeing becomes real and this student had burned through those layers at the previous workshop.

A senior student was allowed to do some of the awakening energy projection that I do in my workshops. I was very pleased with what he saw and how he energetically solved each particular attendee's individual awakening through his qi projection. This is an extremely powerful and complicated type of energy projection which totally differs from the type of energy projection performed on clients/patients. It requires years of dedicated study of qigong AND virtue (being a good and moral person) AND a particular type of energy body that is very rare. It is very hard to do this type of projection and unfortunately few will be able to do so. It is what we do in teaching Stillness-Movement Qigong and is the reason there are such few true teachers of this extremely powerful form of qigong.

We had an extended day of clinical qigong practice. Most of the students achieved close to 100% results with their qi projection. Amazing!

Finally on Monday night several of us went out to dinner and had an amazing meal at a Japanese sushi restaurant in Terre Haute. What a great place to eat! Not only was the food really good but the chef gave us personal attention, even creating a special sauce for two of us!
Now the really fantastic part. At my workshops there are are always wild synchronous events happening. It turns out the chef's name is "Qi".

Plan on attending our Nashville workshop June 14th,15th.

Stay tuned for information on the grand re-opening of our clinic in West Plains, Missouri on June 1st. We will have space there to do MONTHLY qigong workshops to make it easier for those students enrolled in our 500 hr certification program.