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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Neigong: Yang & Yin / Heaven & Earth Qi Chi Chee

Preface statement: Most Taoist Alchemy systems utilize a Yin/Yang fusion for growth within the system.
Holy smakerals batman! Such a simple subject and I am totally blown away at the misconceptions I have been hearing, or rather seeing posted on forums. Heaven is Yang, Earth is Yin. I think that is one thing that is not questioned. Well...., it could be. But lets us just say it is not for the purpose of this article.
Here goes an attempt at explaining these things which are really unexplainable. A person cannot tell another exactly what Yin Qi or Yang Qi feels like - it is impossible and is a thing which can only be experienced for oneself.

Lets start with Earth. After all, we do live here - at least some of us.

Just what the heck is Earth Qi? Do different systems have an Earth Qi that is totally different than other system's Earth Qi? Can a person feel Earth Qi? Are their specific exercises one has to do to feel Earth Qi?

Dang - so many questions yet you wanted answers not questions, eh?

OK. First off there is not a different Earth Qi from one system to the next. In essence, we are all speaking of the same thing. Yes, different systems have different ways of approaching the Earth Qi concept. Some, I believe, use it but do not even recognize it (weird huh!).

Next I would say that Earth Qi most definitely unquestionably absolutely without a doubt CAN be felt and/or experienced. And yes, I can easily prove this by allowing each person to prove it to themselves. That is, each person who is actually willing to study a valid system instead of reading a book and thinking they do understand based on introductory descriptions in said books. I have a secret to tell you - the books are written as introductions and NEVER contain the complete teachings. And this is really as it should be as these things get quite involved as one progresses.

For instance, one beginners method that is quite valid for experiencing Earth Qi, a method that is quite common among MANY different cultures and MANY different systems within those cultures, is to simply make contact with Earth - sitting on Earth.

Does the above method work?
Yes, I certainly would say so. I have seen Shamans who basically utilized this method who were very good at manipulating Earth energetics.

Does adding a wire to Earth make a difference?
It depends. If one is sitting on Earth they are already making contact and a wire does nothing at all. If a person is ONLY making contact through the wire then mostly what will happen is a static discharge which WILL make a difference in one's energetic sensitivity. But this difference is not so much nor as good as simply sitting on Earth due to contact area. The FIELD of Qi is what we are looking for, not a static discharge or current flow through a wire, even though for others reasons a static discharge is quite helpful.

But what does the above do for a person?
It lets them experience what I will call SURFACE EARTH QI.

Wait a minute, I thought you said that the concept of Earth Qi is the same among systems.

Well, it is and it isn't.

I will further explain. What beginners feel, for the most part, is the surface Earth Qi.
But there are different layers of Earth Qi and I will simplify (yeah, I know...) this and divide it into 3 basic layers 1) Surface Earth Qi, 2) Mid Layer Earth Qi, and 3) Core Earth Qi. Of course this simplification doesn't recognize the fact that many different levels of vibration occur as one sinks deeper therefore rendering said simplification totally inaccurate. However, it really is a good way of considering the different frequencies, this dividing of Earth Qi into 3 basic layers.

So who feels or can manipulate the Mid-Layer? An accomplished practitioner of several years is usually one who can. This requires one to raise their energy body vibration to the point of actually being able to go this deep.

OK. So who can feel and manipulate the Core energetics? The adept can. One who has studied with a teacher who understands these layers, who has put much time&effort into practicing, and who has reached a certain level of accomplishment with wai qi liao fa. It really does require one to put in much time&effort to actually be able to do so, though.

Wait a minute - how come I have never heard of this before?
There are teachings usually not talked about. But I love hiding things in plain sight. The truth is, many will read this but only one in 10,000 will ever actually study the teachings and practice the internal cultivation to the point where anything I have said will have any actual meaning for them.

But what about you saying anyone can prove this to themselves?
Oh, that is quite easy. There are 3 or 4 specific exercises in the Gift of the Tao system that, when performed for a period of time, MOST people will tell you they CAN feel the difference between Earth Qi and Heaven Qi. In fact, I guarantee it - feel Earth Qi  TO YOUR SATISFACTION THAT IT IS SO or within 30 days from the purchase of a Gift of the Tao DVD  get a full refund (less shipping cost)

OK. Now what about Heaven Qi?
I do think I will save that one for a future blog post.