Qi Projection Live in a 2012 Neigong Workshop

Friday, November 9, 2007

Energy Manipulation is Measurable

At our Indiana workshop the art and science of medical qigong met with the science of electromagnetic field theory in the form of measurements by an attending medical researcher.
As I manipulated energy in the classroom the measurement system picked up electromagnetic standing waves. It was interesting in that, after I quit the particular projection I was doing at the moment, the standing wave that was set up lasted another 15-20 minutes! Goes to show what we say about effecting the world by performing qigong is so true. Projecting CALMNESS can change the world!

Join us December 1st and 2nd for our West Plains Missouri workshop.
Stillness-Movement Qigong is one of the most awesome if not THE most awesome practice that a person can do for themselves. Find out for yourself!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

National Qigong Association Convention

I just returned from attending and presenting at the National Qigong Association Convention held in Minnesota this year. I had the opportunity to interact with other qigong professionals. There were many different forms and styles represented and I do believe students attending left with much to think about and many techniques to practice. I became reaquainted with some old friends and made some new ones.
There were many demonstrations of different forms Saturday evening. I demonstated the Gift of the Tao form. I believe my favorite demonstrations were the forms by Jampa Stewart, who demonstrated Chen Pan Ling Tai Chi and Jianye Jiang, who demonstrated some very fine wushu. You could definitely tell these guys are lifetime students of our profession and not just self-proclaimed "masters".
Ellie Drew, a longtime NQA member, author, and a friend, helped me out with some qi projection for some back pain I was experiencing. Powerful! Thanks, Ellie!

Folks, if you are looking for classes to attend you could do no better than to look up the folks I mentioned above, if they are in your area. You can check the NQA website, www.nqa.org, for their locations.

Meanwhile I am going to start preparing for my next class to be held in Indiana. One of my students, Chris Lieninger operates the Three Treasures Wellness Center there where he practices Medical Qigong and other Chinese Healing Arts. The class is shaping up to be highly energetic, as it should since we are going to concentrate on Qi cultivation in this class. IF YOU ATTEND ONLY ONE QIGONG CLASS THIS YEAR THIS IS THE ONE! See www.qigongamerica.com for details. Class is Sptember 15th & 16th in Knightsville, Indiana.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New Clinical Qigong Certification Promotional Video

I have created a new promotional video.
Here is the link to the new promotional video that is now on YouTube.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Medical Qigong in Austin, Texas

I returned yesterday from teaching a class in Austin, Texas. The students attending included professionals representing acupuncture, massage therapy, and licensed counselors. One student had the natural talent of seeing. After the first series of awakening energy projection that I did to the class his talent totally manifested. Through the remainder of the class he described every single thing I did, including when I projected qi, when the sick qi was removed from other students, as well as some of the Higher Level energy projection I did to help awaken everyone there. This class was nice as one of my senior students, a talented professional in his own right, was there to assist in the teaching.
A true SEER in my class, and the High Level energy helped awaken him to his talent. Powerful!

And, may I add, as ALWAYS, the students left with 70%-100% of their pain eliminated by their partner in class using these amazing methods!

Qigong in Nashville, Tennessee

I recently had a 2-day class in Nashville. The students were really open to learning and a joy to work with. Attending was my youngest student. This student is incredible in his knowledge of Medical Qigong and use of intuition. He and his dad, who is one of my senior level students, removed some back pain I had while I was there. His dad has already studied more than 500 hours of qigong and clinical qigong and is extremely good as a qigong healer. I am honored that he wishes to continue his study with me. One of the other students had the talent of being able to hear across the dimensions; she told me what I was doing multidimensional without my explaining any of the type of particular energy projection I was doing, which was most definite in its ability to carry through the curtain(s) . Another student actually saw one of the High Level techniques I was using on her and described it in detail without me explaining a word. Incredible! I am really blessed to have such talented energy healers at my classes. Another of the attendees, who is a powerful teacher as well, used the techniques of High Level energy healing the next weekend at a class to heal an attending student of an extremely painful abdominal mass. These techniques always amaze me that they work first time - every time!

And, may I add, as ALWAYS, the students left with 70%-100% of their pain eliminated by their partner in class using these amazing methods!