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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stillness-Movement & Gift of Tao Neigong – What are these Energetic Teachings?

Enter the world of the non-linear and try to figure out how to describe a non-linear happening, event, or cultivation system with mere words. The thing is, it really is very difficult to talk about. How does one truly explain a non-linear method, as all explanations are linear? The truth is we can't, we can only approach, doing the best we can with limited brain oriented linear vocabulary. But I will attempt to describe the Stillness-Movement & Gift of Tao Neigong to some extent with words. Health, awareness, and the ability to help others - this is why one should practice these methods. Now please understand that, although this system is very powerful in development of the ability to manipulate energy for medical purposes of healing others, there are thousands that practice it for the health and awareness aspect.

First, the difference in neigong and qigong. It appears that most people do not really understand this. You can look at it as qigong being an umbrella term covering all the qi oriented exercises. Stillness-Movement Neigong is internal and involves the process of first creating a dan tian, translated usually as "field of elixer", then filling it with Light. I translate it more as "place where energy storage and transmutation occurs". Note also that the dan tian is at our center of being. The Teacher energetically works with each student to give them a "spark" or initialization of the dan tian with Lineage oriented Heavenly vibrations. The student then goes home and works with this on his own. As the student does his homework the energy there gets denser and denser, glowing brighter and brighter. SEERS see this as once the energy gets to a specific density and vibration, it rises up through the body, opening each energy center in a natural non-traumatic and safe manner. Note this differs significantly from any type of forced method. Once the energy does that it pops out of the top of the head and connects us with Tao (source, Heaven, any number of words utilized in different explanations). When we reach this point we then learn to "dance in the Wu Wei". I call this process "Listening". Actually this "Listening" starts much sooner, as the energy begins building in the Dan Tian, but it manifests strongly after the energetics open all the centers and pops out the top of the head. What does this mean practically? Enhancement of intuition would be one phrase to describe what I am referring to. Synchronicity would be another word. Actually there are many other words as this process is so potent, I don't think I can list all the words to describe it.

The Energy Body Vibration Aspect of the Practice 

A person has a specific level of awareness when they begin the practice. A level of energy body vibration. I work with each student at the level they are when they walk into the workshop. And the same thing when one begins practicing the movements from the DVD. We raise the energy body vibration frequency which in turn raises one's vibration closer to "heavenly vibrations" This is ALSO an important aspect of what I referred to earlier as "dancing in the wu wei". This ALSO is an important aspect of the awareness factor. This ALSO is an important aspect of the "Listening" process. I talk more and demonstrate more of this process in my next book due this summer.

As opposed to conventional qigong methods which are more geared at circulation of the energy, in internal Stillness-Movement Neigong the circulation process is automatic, and non forced, while all the other things I described above happen. In fact, the whole process is automatic. One does not need to concern themselves with anything I just wrote.

The Gift of the Tao Movements are indeed neigong. They were derived from the practice of Stillness-Movement and are energy patterns as seen in the higher vibratory levels. An ideal combination is the practice of both Gift of the Tao and Stillness-Movement, although one can reach a very good level doing either, as the Gift of Tao are reflections of the Stillness-Movement practice. Unlike simple qigong which is linear oriented, these movements are essentially non-linear in that if one just observes them, they can have no idea of what the practice actually does.

Far More Important 
 Awakening to Who You Really Are

This method has another aspect which is actually far more important than anything I have mentioned so far. The method awakens a person to who they really are, that true "inner core", the Higher Level self. THIS is the true "immortality" spoken of in Taoist practices. It helps a person find and fulfill their Destiny. Destiny referring not to something that just happens to you or you are forced to follow but as that which the true real you has already decided they needed to learn or work with in this lifetime. The other side of the coin is that the medical practices derived from the practice are High Level healing as they are designed to help a person find and fulfill their Destiny.

The Health Aspect

When I first began doing Taoist qigong I could barely walk, bent over, arms not being able to extend beyond a bent at elbow 90 degrees, intense debilitating back pain, not being able to grasp anything with my hands, intense migraines, unable to chew food, and probably other things which I choose to forget. All from car wrecks (broke jaws in 17 places), falls (broke both arms and wrists at same time) and other injuries (2nd car wreck, more back trauma, other injuries). There is no doubt whatsoever that these practices were responsible in helping my recovery. I have had many students of this system express to me how it helped then recover from many different dis-ease situations. Most people who practice have less colds, less subject to falling ill to virus, miss less sick days, if they do get sick they recover faster, etc. It does NOT mean that practitioners never get sick as ANYONE can.

The "Ability to Help Others" Aspect of the Practice

A person does not have to be a healer for the practice to help others. As we raise the energy body vibration frequency, when we interact with others, there is a "magnetic induction" effect. we actually assist the other person in awareness enhancement, to a point. So the practice can not only raise the vibration frequency of you but of the whole area in which one practices. An example of this is I moved from one location to another about 7 years ago. Students tell me they drive by where I used to live and see as well as feel the energy still there. So we are helping others no matter what walk of life we do.

I hope this is helpful to anyone wishing to know more about the practices I teach. 
You can find out all this on your own by attending my next workshop in Terre Haute, Indiana March 26,27, and optional 28, then practicing what you learn.