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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Importance of Energy Body Transformation/ Dan Tian Development for the Healer

In general, I would say there is nothing at all wrong with most energy systems if one does not use them as a healer to work on others. The mild energetic systems can help balance the practitioner's body as well as the energy centers and gates. The problems with them (and to be fair, some qigong systems) come into play when the practitioner actually reaches a level to displace sick qi from the client/patient's body. Note I said "reaches a level". From my observations most practitioners of the mild energetic systems do not reach this level. But when they do, far too many of them ignore sick qi which tends to accumulate (if they work on a lot of client/patients) and make them sick. I really don't know how many practitioners I have worked on but it probably now numbers close to or over 100. They were all very sick and were all healers of one sort - the most numerous were massage therapists. One cannot be an energy healer and ignore sick qi. Good way to die young.

Since I am sure to draw flack from certain practitioners for the above statement I will explain further.

First, let me point out that "Universal Energy" is really not in a form to be utilized for specific manifestation in terms of healing a person. Required is that the energy be transformed or transmuted into a form compatible with the person that is receiving a healing.

The debate about whether to "store" energy or "just use universal energy" is really not a debate. I think one problem lies in the definition of Dan Tian. I think the best way to look at this is to define Dan Tian as "place where energy storage [b]and transmutation[/b]" occurs (field of elixer).

One sees that as medical qigong practitioners we not only build, but actually utilize the energy body/Dan Tian in the same way a transformer is used to "transmute" the energy to a form usable for the house. If the transformer was not in place then the energy coming into the house would not be in a form compatible with the energy that the house needs.

Therefore the "do we need to store energy in Dan Tian" is not debatable. It is the way to transform the energy body and get to a vibration level needed to actually transmute the "universal energy" into a form compatible for the desired manifestation (healing) AND the way to upgrade the energy body so that the sick qi kickback does not have as much effect. Further qigong practice will neutralize the sick qi.

So a valid qigong practice will raise the practitioner's energy body vibration so the healer will be able to 1) access higher vibrational energies and 2) transmute these energies utilizing the energy body/ Dan Tian and INTENT.

Join us in London January 22nd, 23rd and optional 24th  for a Stillness-Movement and medical qigong workshop.

Monday, November 8, 2010

London Stillness-Movement Neigong Workshop January 22,23,24

The London Stillness-Movement Neigong and Medical Qigong Workshop was announced just a couple of weeks ago and has already reached 1/2 full capacity. So a heads up to folks interested in this: It will probably fill way before the workshop.

It is not too late to join us for Stillness-Movement Neigong and Medical Qigong in Terre Haute, Indiana this coming weekend November 13,14,15.