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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stillness-Movement Qigong and Qi Projection

When folks ask me about what to expect at a Stillness-Movement workshop I can say, "You learn internal qigong, movement qigong, medical qigong, sleeping qigong, tree qigong, and Taoist medicine."

But the really difficult part to explain is the qi projection I do for the students. What does this do? The answer is many things and some of those things are beyond linear communication skills.

Oh, the qi projection helps to open the channels, remove blockages, open and clear the energy centers, "Light the Fire" (create a Dan Tian), raise the energy body vibrational frequency, imprint quantum based information... Whoa, back up. What did you say?

I guess most involved in energetics or Chinese medicine understand the first things mentioned above, but the last two things mentioned... WHAT???

OK. The method I teach, Stillness-Movement, is a medical qigong system that can only be taught by teachers capable of projecting energetics that raise the energy body vibration rate of the students to give students access to certain high-level vibrations that raise awareness and help them to heal others.

The quantum information is accessed by the students when they raise their energy body vibration rate through the qi projection in the workshops and through their own practice of Stillness-Movement and Gift of the Tao movements.

One of the things this practically means is that a student has an awareness shift and is immediately able to BEGIN to heal others.

OK. So linear explanations don't work too well. How about a demonstration video?

Stillness-Movement Qigong & Qi Projection

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reason 37,699 for practicing your Chi Kung

Reason 37,699 for practicing your Chi Kung?

I'm sure one can come up with many reasons fro the practice of qigong. Increased health, increased awareness, helping a soul awaken who they really are,...

But wait, this post isn't to list the first 100 reasons. It is to list reason 37,699.

And, boy oh boy is reason 37,699 a good one!

So I was driving about a 3 1/2 hr drive yesterday. Minding my own business. Enjoying the day. Practicing a little driving qigong? Nah, not going to admit to that.

So what's the bid deal, anyway?

Oh yeah, reason 37,699 to practice qigong. That's the big deal.

AS I was doing the above, minding my own business, enjoying a nice day drive, an 18 wheeler came around a curve and turned towards on my side of the road heading directly towards me. Yikes! What to do?

Well, I could have taken to the side of the road. The only thing, though, is that there was no shoulder, only a steep and deep ditch. And I was going 55-60. Hmmn, instant roll over, doesn't sound too fun. Brakes? Nah, that would only slow me down so the 18 wheeler could hit me with his trailer instead of his cab.

You must understand, all these options had to be weighed and discarded inside of a second. Really didn't have much "time" to decide. So what did I do?

I got the manual of "How to apply qi in emergency situations out", that's what I did.

Not really.

What I did was hit the driver with a strong intense burst of qi with a "wake-up call" embedded.

What happened? Did it work?

I wrote this post, didn't I?

If you or anyone you know is interested in leaning qigong which includes forms of sitting, standing, moving, sleeping, walking, running, dreaming, tree, and spiral qigong; medical qigong, and Taoist medicine, consider this workshop in West Plains, Missouri at the Institute of Chinese Energy Healing March 20th, 21st and optional clinical applications March 22nd; www.qigongamerica.com for more info.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Blessing Our Food: Why Don't More Folks Do This?

I was sitting in a restaurant today and looked up after blessing my food. A few people were staring. So I smiled and munched on down. But it got me to thinking about this. I bless my food for every meal and teach my students to do so as well but have hardly EVER seen anyone else do so in a public restaurant. Oh, I have seen a few folks that gave thanks for their food, and that's great, but it's not the same thing. I mean actually setting INTENT and using energy to clean the food.

Yeah I know, this blog is supposed to be "musings", but today I am turning it to a "how to" because I for one feel that this is desperately needed NOW. After all, we don't really have any idea whatsoever what chemicals are put on the foods, how the food was handled, and how much negative energy was induced by sick people and people who were angry. We also don't know if the most recent handler actually washed their hands. Or maybe they washed the food really well but set it where raw meat had previously been.

Hungry yet? Or don't want to ever, ever eat in a public restaurant again?

Actually, not a bad idea. If you can grow your own food and eat it at home you will find the food has much more qi than food from a restaurant or the grocery store. And needs blessing less, although blessing is always a good thing to do.

But still, it is difficult to not find yourself at some point in a restaurant with a plate of food in front of you. So what do we do?

This blog is mainly geared to qigong practitioners. So, if you are not a qigong practitioner IMO you can't do this. In order to actually manipulate the raw fabric of the universe, one must raise the energy body vibrational frequency. This takes time & effort. For those of you who are not qigong practitioners read this and please take it as encouragement to find yourself a qigong teacher, but do not attempt the described technique.

For those of you who do practice qigong, here is one way to do this.
First, stop the world. If you don't know what I mean by that just get into your qi-state. Now set your INTENT. What should your INTENT be? Let's examine this. If you try to make it too complicated I can assure you that efficacy will be limited. The thing we have to ask ourselves is, "What is the most important?"

One could debate about this for quite a while as there is no one answer. Here is what I suggest:
After stopping the world and getting into your qi state, set your INTENT as neutralizing all external pernicious influences, then project the qi into the food. Then you may want to add a little "May this food be digested well in my body" and "May this food keep me in good health" (adds energy to the food).

Of course we could get more complicated with the INTENT, but this is probably enough for now. After doing this, if you use your hands to project the qi then lightly shake them off to the side if you don't know how to transform sick qi into Light. If you do know how, then don't forget to do so. I have seen really nasty sick qi come off food when doing this.

One more thing, your ability to do this and the efficacy is directly proportional to how much you have raised your energy body vibration and how well you are practiced at setting INTENT. So don't think you can actually neutralize raw bacteria unless you KNOW you can do so. But there are those of us who surely believe this is possible and I encourage everyone to practice their qigong and "learn who you really are".

This is a technique of medical qigong and may not be compatible with non-medical oriented qigong, so attempt this at your own pace and abilities. It is really best to learn this technique direct from a teacher that knows how. Also, if you do not believe that such a thing as sick qi exists then why would you even want to attempt to do something like this? If this is your belief then I strongly suggest you do not attempt this technique. And again, if you do not practice qigong then please do not attempt this.

If you want to know more about manipulating the raw fabric of the universe, how to gather, store, circulate, transform and transmute energy, how to help heal yourself and how to directly heal others with this energy, then consider attending this workshop: March 20th and 21st with optional clinical applications March 22nd, Institute of Chinese Energy Healing, West Plains, Missouri. See www.qigongamerica.com for more info.
Oh yeah, we will bless our food when we go to lunch and dinner.