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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reason 37,699 for practicing your Chi Kung

Reason 37,699 for practicing your Chi Kung?

I'm sure one can come up with many reasons fro the practice of qigong. Increased health, increased awareness, helping a soul awaken who they really are,...

But wait, this post isn't to list the first 100 reasons. It is to list reason 37,699.

And, boy oh boy is reason 37,699 a good one!

So I was driving about a 3 1/2 hr drive yesterday. Minding my own business. Enjoying the day. Practicing a little driving qigong? Nah, not going to admit to that.

So what's the bid deal, anyway?

Oh yeah, reason 37,699 to practice qigong. That's the big deal.

AS I was doing the above, minding my own business, enjoying a nice day drive, an 18 wheeler came around a curve and turned towards on my side of the road heading directly towards me. Yikes! What to do?

Well, I could have taken to the side of the road. The only thing, though, is that there was no shoulder, only a steep and deep ditch. And I was going 55-60. Hmmn, instant roll over, doesn't sound too fun. Brakes? Nah, that would only slow me down so the 18 wheeler could hit me with his trailer instead of his cab.

You must understand, all these options had to be weighed and discarded inside of a second. Really didn't have much "time" to decide. So what did I do?

I got the manual of "How to apply qi in emergency situations out", that's what I did.

Not really.

What I did was hit the driver with a strong intense burst of qi with a "wake-up call" embedded.

What happened? Did it work?

I wrote this post, didn't I?

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