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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stillness-Movement Qigong and Qi Projection

When folks ask me about what to expect at a Stillness-Movement workshop I can say, "You learn internal qigong, movement qigong, medical qigong, sleeping qigong, tree qigong, and Taoist medicine."

But the really difficult part to explain is the qi projection I do for the students. What does this do? The answer is many things and some of those things are beyond linear communication skills.

Oh, the qi projection helps to open the channels, remove blockages, open and clear the energy centers, "Light the Fire" (create a Dan Tian), raise the energy body vibrational frequency, imprint quantum based information... Whoa, back up. What did you say?

I guess most involved in energetics or Chinese medicine understand the first things mentioned above, but the last two things mentioned... WHAT???

OK. The method I teach, Stillness-Movement, is a medical qigong system that can only be taught by teachers capable of projecting energetics that raise the energy body vibration rate of the students to give students access to certain high-level vibrations that raise awareness and help them to heal others.

The quantum information is accessed by the students when they raise their energy body vibration rate through the qi projection in the workshops and through their own practice of Stillness-Movement and Gift of the Tao movements.

One of the things this practically means is that a student has an awareness shift and is immediately able to BEGIN to heal others.

OK. So linear explanations don't work too well. How about a demonstration video?

Stillness-Movement Qigong & Qi Projection

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