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Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's put it off for a few more days....weeks....years...decades...NOT!

Ever since I invented the internet, of course with just a small amount of help from Al Gore, I have had a website for qigong training, www.qigongamerica.com. No No, Al didn't help with the website – only inventing the internet. I utilized Microsoft software and became very familiar with said software. It was SO easy to use. Yeah, had to learn a a small amount of HTML programming but programming is/was not my cup of tea. Not since learning Fortran (uh oh, show my age) have I been the slightest interested in programming. Well, OK, you caught me - I did do some basic programming years ago. But no interest now.

So what is my point? Oh yeah, in my opinion, Microsoft sabotages it's web software so that Firefox (which is what I use) and other browsers don't look the same. In other words, code is optimized for IE and looks funky sometimes in Firefox.

OK, so, fine. But what is my main point? How does this relate to "putting it off.."?

What I have been putting off is using other software for web development. After all, it IS/WAS SO EASY to just add or change something and then ftp it.

I knew several years ago that I was going to need to change this... but put it off until summer... until next year...until...

So I investigated other software. Dreamweaver seems to be a business standard, but have you seen what they want for that? Above my budget.
Joomla appears to be the very coolest. So I downloaded it and went to work. Tried it. Liked it...BUT.. database appeared to just eat passwords so when I wanted to update BAM the database locked up...inexplicably. Tried playing with this for quite some time and probably will eventually go back to it. Can't beat the price - it is FREE!

Meantime, my website has gotten added on to, patched, bloated, difficult to maneuver, etc. So I needed to change it. So I will do so sometimes shortly – perhaps this summer... winter...next year for sure.

OK, so I created a sister site in Joomla. Liked it. Just on the verge, probably this summer..or perhaps by fall... of updating www.qigongamerica.com.

Meanwhile I needed to add some stuff, so easy to do with existing software, maybe I will put it off for a while. In the meantime Joomla did another one of those inexplicable things – can't even log on to change anything... sigh. If I ran my own server I think I would stay with this Joomla – so much to like.

But I think, for now, I'll just add on to www.qigongamerica.com with existing software. So easy...


So, after more than 10 years of putting it off I finally completely re-wrote www.qigongamerica.com. Not finished but OK to go ahead and put it up. Check it out!

So how does this apply to qigong and life? Think about it.

No, actually DON"T think about it. Just DO!!!

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