Qi Projection Live in a 2012 Neigong Workshop

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stillness-Movement Neigong & Medical Qigong Workshop Terre Haute, Indiana April 28,29,30

Join us in Terre Haute, Indiana April 28th & 29th for Stillness-Movement and Gift of Tao Neigong. A truly amazing meditative and movement system this is.
Optionally, on April 30th join us for Clinical Applications of Medical Qigong & Taoist Medicine.
We accept a limited number of students so register early.

Teacher Michael Lomax

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

There's an Android app for QigongAmerica


Only 9.99
Just kidding, it is free.

Energy Sensitivity in Qigong Revisited

I have written about this before. But I still get the questions.

OK. I hear you. You have just started in your first qigong class and the person sitting next to you is moaning about the QI. "SO STRONG THIS QI IS!!! " I FEEL IT EVERYWHERE!" "OH!"

And you don't feel a thing. Nada. And the person in the row over is going on about how the Qi has made his orbit spin so powerfully.
And you have no freakin idea what an "orbit" is, much less feel the Qi. So your confidence in this qigong stuff goes out the window.

OK, this post is for YOU!

First off don't worry about the "orbit" person, they could have just made that up.

But what about that other person that was so enthralled with the Qi they were moaning about how strong it is? Chances are they were actually feeling it. So why can't you? Eh?

Here is the real deal in a nutshell. Humanity's sensitivity varies from 0 to 100. There is nothing wrong with you.

"OK, now what?", you may ask. "If I can't feel the Qi then this qigong stuff will not work for me." "Will it?", you add.

Hmmm, confidence has gone out the window but still a small part of yourself is hoping there is some truth to this qigong stuff.


One thing I can absolutely tell you as a truth. It works on people whether they can initially feel it or not! For the majority of people, after practicing for a period of time, the sensitivity improves. Therefore have a little faith and keep practicing.

But what if it doesn't?

Yes, there are a minority who never feel qi at all. "Ah Ha," you say, "What if I am one of those." "Maybe I should just stop practicing."

Up to you. But you are missing out.

I know a particular student of mine that says they can't feel qi. This has been going on for a while. Weird for me as most all my students feel Qi easily. The thing is, I can feel the growth & change of this person's energetics. And now this person is doing medical qigong healing with a fantastic result rate. The majority of people he projects qi to feel it very strongly. I have also seen people who couldn't feel at all initially go from the 0 to the 100. In a short period of time.

Therefore I highly encourage everyone to hang in there with your qigong practice. Most people feel the qi, most who don't eventually can, and those small minority who can't can still raise their energy body vibration, getting all the benefits of the practice.

Don't worry about it. Good things are in store for you.