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Friday, January 4, 2013

Wu Wei; Understanding what it means...

This post is based on reading the most bizarre definitions of Wu Wei, usually referenced by some type of literature that is  most likely mistranslated by an academic who does not practice the Taoist energetics necessary to understand the concept. I have talked about this subject before but let's revisit.

Q] OK. So what is YOUR definition of Wu Wei?
A] Uh, there isn't one. 

Q] What the heck! Here I thought you were going to tell me what Wu Wei is?
A] Sorry, can't do that. I can talk around the subject but no way in heck can anyone define "Wu Wei". Wu Wei can ONLY be experienced/practiced.

Q] OK, so talk around it then.
A] Lets make it easy. Here is a step by step way from the Taoist internal arts practices: 

1) Learn authentic internal qigong 
2) Practice the method
3) Through the practice burn though all the filters we set in the energy body from birth to NOW. Simple calisthenic practice exercise will not accomplish this - true energetic practices can.
4 ) Raise the energy body vibration to be in resonance with Heaven
5) Practice LISTENING, then
6) Follow that Listening in the moment of the moment; this implies acting on each moment of the moment


Q] Oh sure, it is simple; what the heck do you mean by LISTENING?
A] LISTENING is that flow of information through which, by stilling the mind and cutting the internal dialogue, raising the energy body vibration, and tuning into HEAVEN in the moment of the moment, we flow alongside in harmony with Spirit or Tao's manifestation. LISTENING is a dynamic process, never static.

Any intellectual reasoning has no meaning concerning Wu Wei as it is its own thing that is separate from brain/mind. In terms of our interaction, being that it is dynamic and never static, "Dance in the Wu Wei" is a more accurate way of looking at it.

Thus while I would agree that it is described in the Taoist literature , that description, when analyzed by the mind, has no meaning and is indeed totally misleading. The literature was based on a practitioner's experience , not the intellectual concept as formed by the mind. The meaning only becomes clear with the internal Taoist practices and until that internal "harmony of notes" is accomplished all the talk is simply not the thing itself and will never be the thing itself. Only the Dancing will be the manifestation of (our interaction with and practice of) the thing itself.

For those that practice the Arts and do accomplish the burning through of filters, the raising of energy body vibration, and who do LISTEN/Act in harmony with the flow, the results will be always in harmony and can be quite bizarre at times, with convoluted deep meanings that transcend any mental attempt of analysis. The resulting meshing of energetics result in manifestation of much mind-boggling synchronicity and with one always being where they need to be and doing what they need to do - all without doing anything (conscious/mental).

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