Qi Projection Live in a 2012 Neigong Workshop

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Terre Haute, Indiana March 26th, 27th, and optional 28th Stillness-Movement Neigong & Medical Qigong Workshop

Join us to learn an authentic Taoist Lineage Neigong method, Stillness-Movement Neigong. In addition, here is your chance to learn the highly energetic Gift of the Tao Neigong Movements.  We will also do Tree-Qigong, Walking Qigong, Sequential Energy Center Activation & Balancing, and other qigong methods. On Monday the 28th Medical Qigong & Taoist Medicine applications will be taught. Practitioners of these healing methods have some of the very highest result rates in the world.
Here is the complete flyer.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pitfalls of Mind

The Pitfalls Of Mind

Mind is a very powerful thing. Oh Yeah! In fact, I would have to say it is one of the more powerful things on the Earth. After all, Mind is the Master for over 90% of humanity. That's pretty freakin powerful! There are even religions that have, through centuries, heck, even thousands of years, developed techniques to enhance Mind, for all just KNEW that the ticket to freedom was and is development of Mind. Work it baby work it! Massage it. Care for it. Contemplate on it. Meditate on it.

And a very astounding fact; MOST of humanity are absolutely tricked by Mind into believing that Mind is who they really are! Absolutely convinced. The typical response, when this is pointed out, is “Oh ON NO NO, you can't tell me otherwise. You are wrong wrong wrong, Mind IS everything.” Guess who tells them to say that?

So what has happened here? What has happened is that Mind is now humanity's worst enemy! Mind has made a slave of poor little miniscule Spirit, that inner core Divine spark that we all have residing within, the true-heart of our beings. Spirit now has no say, Mind makes the decisions.

Has anyone looked about them and asked WHY is humanity absolutely insane at this stage of development? Nothing really makes sense. Oh, it makes sense to the Master, old Master Mind. For Spirit has been suppressed to just a small spark.

But attempt to tell this to over 90 % of the population and they will not believe you; the response always being, “Ah, phooey on you! Mind is everything” (or so Mind keeps telling that very person who may be told that Mind is the enemy).

Mind has developed and the religions offering homage to the mind have developed – all guaranteeing FREEDOM! And Mind has taken over. No longer is there a Spirit, for those that choose this path, only Mind. And let me tell you Mind likes it; Master over all, the BIG Honcho, inventing complex mental works of explanation.

In fact, MIND IS THE VERY WORST ENEMY THAT WE CAN EVER HAVE! It has created an endless feedback loop for most of humanity who is stuck in the mental plane and playing recordings over and over and over. Yes, those "layers" and "signposts" are nothing but endless feedback loops.

Oh, Mind shows those that are experts on it, those that have worked hard massaging it, exactly how to get to “freedom”. But it never lets a person, if it can at all be helped, know that this “freedom” offered is nothing more than the endless loops, going on and on until death. A very practical endless feedback loop. You get the picture. Yes, Mind is finite!

And to be fair, those who endlessly work with MIND, massaging and admiring it, are a smaller portion of humanity. Let us address the remainder. It was really easy for Mind to take over as the Master Enemy of this portion of humanity. Mind didn't even need to exert any power at all – just stepped right in and took over pretty as you please. THIS is the reason for the mass insanity we now observe in Humanity!

Humanity has almost forsaken Spirit in favor of Mind. Do you think if we all let inner Spirit be the Master instead of Mind that this past weekend's insanity would have occurred (the famed S thing, you know, that insane game where people toss a ball to someone and tell them to run through a pack of intensely body developed people that would rather do nothing other than bring said ball carrier crashing down)? Yes, literally millions and millions and more millions of dollars are spent for the privilege to watch people bashing in each others heads. Or that governments would spend billions and billions on killing other parts of humanity (you know, wars)? Or that we would forsake each other in our desire to acquire more and more possessions?

But what about the other less than 10% of humanity that Mind has not taken over as Master? Ah, luckily it turns out that the Divine Spark that is our inner core, although heavily suppressed by Mind, is not totally extinguished in any of us. Our True-Heart remains. And because through these centuries there were always those very few men of knowledge that kept this spark alive and refused to let Mind ride as Master but instead turned Mind into a powerful slave by bringing forth Spirit to be the Master, there is opportunity for everyone to turn the tables on Mind and let their true inner Spiritual core be the Master.

Hmm, let us contemplate that. NO NO NO! Let us take responsibility for who we really are and embrace that Divine inner Spirit, the True-Heart that we all possess, and bring forth Light into the world. Let us end this craziness NOW!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Great Goat Healing

I had gone outside to break the ice for our animals here on the farm and quickly scooted back inside for the temperatures were in the low teens.

After warming up and writing a bit for my new book, I went back outside to toss some more hay to the animals.
Imagine my most serious shock and surprise to see a poor goat that had somehow fallen into the water tank. This poor creature had only her head sticking out of the water with her front hooves hooked over the edge of the tank. And the water was frozen solid around her! As in she couldn't move - at all.

I quickly broke the ice and pulled her out of the tank. I then did a quick Tui Na massage on her to help restore circulation. But it was not enough. This unfortunate creature was suffering from severe hypothermia and shock and was very near death.

Ah, but sometimes intervention can lead to amazing things. I brought her inside, dried her off, and began to do medical qigong healing on this frozen, unable to move goat.

It can be a shock to anyone's system to see God's creatures suffering. I am a softy concerning these animals which most people think of as things, or at best a being who has no sentience or is so low level it does not matter.

How wrong those type of thoughts are! I have seen time and time again how universal love and intelligence is expressed by dogs, horses, and yes, goats.

But back to the healing. This poor creature went through several stages of change involving first unconsciousness then convulsions and then sporadic neuro firing to frozen limbs. As I continued to project qi I recognized these changes as a promising sign.

The medical qigong treatment lasted about an hour. At the end of the hour her spasms were reduced to normal body reactions. I carried her back outside and watched as she ran off to join her herd.

Yes, medical qigong is not reserved for people only but can be used to help all creatures of Tao.

London Stillness-Movement Workshop

London was a blast; a whirlwind trip it was!

There was snow & ice in the forecast as I was packing my bags so I left home a day early to arrive at a motel near the airport. I woke up to about 5 inches of snow on the ground and started to have some concern about the plane being able to take off. But my concern dissipated as soon as it arrived for I knew that if the workshop was supposed to happen it most certainly would. I arrived at the airport amidst blowing snow, walked in, went through security, and arrived at my gate. I then looked out the window and it had quit snowing and the sun had come out! 30 minute delay for de-icing of the aircraft and then I was off.

Approximately 13 hrs later we landed in London, walked off the plane, and there to meet us were two new friends. I wish to publicly state that the guys and gals of London are some of the nicest people one could hope to meet. We were in for a treat as we shared the weekend of energy, friendship, and enjoying the London pub ales after dinner.

The workshop itself was filled with really good, kind and caring people who were more than willing to take in this amazing Stillness-Movement Neigong system. They all did great and I am sure went home with new tools in their toolbox for helping humanity. It was especially nice having the multicultural experience of people from so many different countries! Even though at times they possibly may not have understood my obvious "Southern" USA accent, we all understood each other fine from the common experience of energetics - that universal language that was SO prevalent during the weekend.

It was with the joy of the total experience and new friends that we departed for home. The 15 hrs it took to get there flew by as mostly we practiced Stillness-Movement on the plane.

I am looking forward to more experiences with this amazing group.