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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Great Goat Healing

I had gone outside to break the ice for our animals here on the farm and quickly scooted back inside for the temperatures were in the low teens.

After warming up and writing a bit for my new book, I went back outside to toss some more hay to the animals.
Imagine my most serious shock and surprise to see a poor goat that had somehow fallen into the water tank. This poor creature had only her head sticking out of the water with her front hooves hooked over the edge of the tank. And the water was frozen solid around her! As in she couldn't move - at all.

I quickly broke the ice and pulled her out of the tank. I then did a quick Tui Na massage on her to help restore circulation. But it was not enough. This unfortunate creature was suffering from severe hypothermia and shock and was very near death.

Ah, but sometimes intervention can lead to amazing things. I brought her inside, dried her off, and began to do medical qigong healing on this frozen, unable to move goat.

It can be a shock to anyone's system to see God's creatures suffering. I am a softy concerning these animals which most people think of as things, or at best a being who has no sentience or is so low level it does not matter.

How wrong those type of thoughts are! I have seen time and time again how universal love and intelligence is expressed by dogs, horses, and yes, goats.

But back to the healing. This poor creature went through several stages of change involving first unconsciousness then convulsions and then sporadic neuro firing to frozen limbs. As I continued to project qi I recognized these changes as a promising sign.

The medical qigong treatment lasted about an hour. At the end of the hour her spasms were reduced to normal body reactions. I carried her back outside and watched as she ran off to join her herd.

Yes, medical qigong is not reserved for people only but can be used to help all creatures of Tao.

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