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Thursday, February 3, 2011

London Stillness-Movement Workshop

London was a blast; a whirlwind trip it was!

There was snow & ice in the forecast as I was packing my bags so I left home a day early to arrive at a motel near the airport. I woke up to about 5 inches of snow on the ground and started to have some concern about the plane being able to take off. But my concern dissipated as soon as it arrived for I knew that if the workshop was supposed to happen it most certainly would. I arrived at the airport amidst blowing snow, walked in, went through security, and arrived at my gate. I then looked out the window and it had quit snowing and the sun had come out! 30 minute delay for de-icing of the aircraft and then I was off.

Approximately 13 hrs later we landed in London, walked off the plane, and there to meet us were two new friends. I wish to publicly state that the guys and gals of London are some of the nicest people one could hope to meet. We were in for a treat as we shared the weekend of energy, friendship, and enjoying the London pub ales after dinner.

The workshop itself was filled with really good, kind and caring people who were more than willing to take in this amazing Stillness-Movement Neigong system. They all did great and I am sure went home with new tools in their toolbox for helping humanity. It was especially nice having the multicultural experience of people from so many different countries! Even though at times they possibly may not have understood my obvious "Southern" USA accent, we all understood each other fine from the common experience of energetics - that universal language that was SO prevalent during the weekend.

It was with the joy of the total experience and new friends that we departed for home. The 15 hrs it took to get there flew by as mostly we practiced Stillness-Movement on the plane.

I am looking forward to more experiences with this amazing group.

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