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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Qigong in Nashville, Tennessee

I recently had a 2-day class in Nashville. The students were really open to learning and a joy to work with. Attending was my youngest student. This student is incredible in his knowledge of Medical Qigong and use of intuition. He and his dad, who is one of my senior level students, removed some back pain I had while I was there. His dad has already studied more than 500 hours of qigong and clinical qigong and is extremely good as a qigong healer. I am honored that he wishes to continue his study with me. One of the other students had the talent of being able to hear across the dimensions; she told me what I was doing multidimensional without my explaining any of the type of particular energy projection I was doing, which was most definite in its ability to carry through the curtain(s) . Another student actually saw one of the High Level techniques I was using on her and described it in detail without me explaining a word. Incredible! I am really blessed to have such talented energy healers at my classes. Another of the attendees, who is a powerful teacher as well, used the techniques of High Level energy healing the next weekend at a class to heal an attending student of an extremely painful abdominal mass. These techniques always amaze me that they work first time - every time!

And, may I add, as ALWAYS, the students left with 70%-100% of their pain eliminated by their partner in class using these amazing methods!

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