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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Medical Qigong in Austin, Texas

I returned yesterday from teaching a class in Austin, Texas. The students attending included professionals representing acupuncture, massage therapy, and licensed counselors. One student had the natural talent of seeing. After the first series of awakening energy projection that I did to the class his talent totally manifested. Through the remainder of the class he described every single thing I did, including when I projected qi, when the sick qi was removed from other students, as well as some of the Higher Level energy projection I did to help awaken everyone there. This class was nice as one of my senior students, a talented professional in his own right, was there to assist in the teaching.
A true SEER in my class, and the High Level energy helped awaken him to his talent. Powerful!

And, may I add, as ALWAYS, the students left with 70%-100% of their pain eliminated by their partner in class using these amazing methods!

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