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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Making a Difference

I have written on this subject before but today it struck me that I really needed to help my students as much as possible to understand this "making a difference". It cannot be spoken about or written about too much as I do believe it difficult for those in great health or no pain to understand HOW VERY MUCH making a difference means to the client.

I have a small story to illustrate this point. and yes, it is quite possible the reader has seen this story before. But it is so dramatic that perhaps a reminder will help.

I was seeing a client who was coming to me for pain relief and nausea relief from chemotherapy. She knew her cancer was spreading and was already at a very advanced stage when she first came.  I think I only worked on her for 3 sessions but I remember so distinctly when she came for her 2nd session. I asked was she feeling any better after the first session and she very happily exclaimed "I was able to fold my sheets for the first time in months!"

Being able to perform a task many of us would take for granted produced such a profound sense of accomplishment for her - yes, MAKING A DIFFERENCE is worth its weight in gold!

Never approach therapeutics with the idea you are going to do anything but the best you can. Always DO THE BEST YOU CAN, and realize you are  MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

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