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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

3rd Eye Obsession

WOW! Can't tell you how many times I have had students, potential students, FOLKS IN A PUBLIC PLACE THAT DIDN'T KNOW ME, and on forums ask  "How can I open my 3rd eye?" OR a variation  that usually goes "My 3rd eye is opening and I need help with it."

OR "Can you open my 3rd eye with qi projection?"

OR  "I am ready to open my 3rd eye and have been 1) straring at pigs, 2) focusing on the 3rd eye for 1 hr at a time 3) doing any number of things that I have read in books".
All of these things seem to make as much sense as the other one.

It seems that folks are obsessed with this and I have to wonder why. Is it just that is seems SEXY?  Or are so many striving for that edge of Power so they can amaze their friends at parties? Or are they a genuine seeker that is just a little confused and  actually think this is the way it works? Well, although I know this is actually seldom the case, I will address this point of view.

People have read so much on "chakras" that everyone is absolutely certain they know exactly what they are, exactly where they are located, and exactly what each means usually expressed emotionally.

However, when one reads the books they find about 100 -1000 of what I think are direct plagarisms and then 100 more that all say different things. Who is right?

 I will tell you absolutely and without any question who is right. YOU are.

Now what the heck do I mean by this?

The truth is that there ARE NO SHORT CUTS. One can't be running around practicing skating one day and the next "be ready to open the 3rd eye".

So some potential questions and answers:

" I don't want  philosophizing . I want directions."

OK. SO you don't want to hear about the client that came to me who had been "focusing on the 3rd eye" and any time this person tried to read a book, watch tv, or DRIVE they would completely pass out? And of course you don't want to hear about the dozens of severe headache and mental instability clients that I have had to attempt to re-balance energetically because they read they needed to open the 3rd eye?

Of course you don't. No one does.

This is the new world. Pull up to McDonalds. Burger and a 3rd eye opening please.

And I want it NOW!

But what about the dimensionality of these "chakras"?

Huh? Chakra's don't have dimensionality, they are physical locations.


 Of course they have dimensionality and it is only through a legitimate time honored consistent practice that anyone can know this. One certainly can not EVER experience this reading about them.

But this subject is about 3rd eye and here you are talking about dimensionality of "chakras". I just want to skip the dimensionality part and go direct to the opening part.

You can't. The only way to safely open these "chakras" is a step by step process that requires time & effort. Sorry, no McDonalds 3rd eye specials. We have to open and balance the energy centers first. We have to "grow up" spiritually first. We have to learn to live in the Heart center first in order for "opening the 3rd eye" to have any real meaning.

Hey, your getting ahead of yourself, you haven't mentioned "energy centers".

Oh, that is the physical location in the body most people call "chakras". They are energy centers.

So, keeping us in suspense and not gonna tell us anything technical about this, are you?

OH, I will tell you EXACTLY one way to open the 3rd eye. This is what you wanted isn't it?


OK, practice Stillness-Movement and it will happen.

No! I want you to tell me "how, now".

Ah, thought you really didn't want to know. If you are not willing to learn a genuine system and practice it daily it is not going to happen.
If one attempts to open these energy centers before they are ready, each in its own time, naturally, there WILL be imbalances created.

OK, How long will it take me?

Everyone is different. It takes as long as it takes. At the hospital where I was trained, there were 2 "x-ray vision" girls who could see inside people's body. They came into their talent after one year of practicing Stillness-Movement. I have seen similar results here in the USA. More typically? Extremely difficult to say. As I said, everyone is different. Anywhere from 3 months to several lifetimes is my estimate. Better get to practicing. And I do believe before it happens (3rd eye opening), you will find that it is not so important as you once thought.

In fact, I do believe what you will find is that this subject is all about growing up spiritually, from children to adults. Asking the question of  "How do I open my 3rd eye?" is similar to a child asking a question of  "What will it be like when I grow up?"
We can tell the child about our experiences but the child has to experience and practice being an adult before he knows the answer.