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Friday, August 6, 2010

Preconceived Notions Versus Tao

I could have titled this post as "The Power of Preconceived Notions", a title which leads one to believe that these notions are indeed true and good. The facts, however, usually demonstrate an entirely different conclusion. I would say the majority of the time these notions have no basis in fact.

One may read this and say to themselves, "But I have no preconceived notions. I take life one step at a time." 

Possibly you are correct. But most people DO have these and it shapes every thought and action we make. Sometimes these pre-conceived notions give us an incorrectly smug feeling of righteous indignation. Sometimes they give us the satisfaction of knowing we are right, even when we are wrong. Sometimes they give us the false justification to look down on others. And sometimes they help us to make totally incorrect and not so fruitful decisions in our life.

So what is available to us to help burn through these preconceived notions and perceive the truth?
I won't, in this post, get into the subject of  energetics, Wu Wei and synchronicity. We will save that for a later post. So let us refer to something that just IS, the Tao. Hence my title "Preconceived Notions Versus Tao".

Many folks interpret what Tao means somewhat differently. This interpretation differential certainly doesn't change what Tao is, only one's personal understanding of what it means. And this personal understanding can lead to what? You got it, those dreaded preconceived notions.

So let us not get bogged down with the definition of Tao. If one has never heard the word,  a lifetime of research can be done on the subject. For now, let us just say that the Tao IS.

So without further rambling we will get deeper into the actual subject of this post. To do so I will describe an event that hit home with me.

Recently I have had several elderly people in clinic. Some of them have been really sick and tough to work on! So a few weeks ago I get a call from someone in their later 80's that wants a session. And of course I make an appointment for him.

The morning of the session I was slightly bitchin to my wife that I would have a rough day as I had several tough older clients to work on. And here, of course, is the preconceived notion that I latched onto, which indeed had nothing whatsoever to do with the truth.

So I get this gentleman on the table and start working energy. His eyes get big around as saucers and he says that he has read about this but never experienced it. He felt the qi run through each limb. He felt his body getting lighter. He felt the sick qi as it left his body. He felt the utter joy, peace, and calmness of being bathed with pure Light.

How wondrous the session turned out! He was extremely sensitive to qi and the session was really easy. One of the easiest sessions I have done all year. All the pain gone and I didn't have to do much more than blink!

So as for preconceived notions, the score is:
Preconceived notions - zero, Tao - one.

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